Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DayFebruary is the month in which we celebrate Valentines Day, the day we focus on love and romance. I thought it would be a nice idea in this month’s post to talk about getting your personal life in order.

In my second book, “The Personal Organizing Workbook” chapter 3 “Managing Your Relationships” has topics and tips that address just that..your Personal Life!

Are you feelin’ overwhelmed by your social obligations?
Do you have so many people in your life, but so little time to see them?
Is this you…I never get to see and enjoy my friends anymore.
I have social commitments on my calendar that I am just not looking forward to…
Do you have a hard time saying NO to social events ?
Think of your five closest friends, when was the last time you got to spend quality time?
Love entertaining? Have you lately?

For ideas and suggestions with these issues as well as hints on dealing with many other social situations download a copy of my book “The Personal Organizing Workbook” available at Barnes and Nobel and

In the meantime, have a wonderful, joyous and loving Valentines Day.

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