Personal Organizer, Life Coach & Author

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Good Organization Shouldn’t Be a Trade Secret!

This is the slogan of Personal Organizer, Meryl Starr.  The radio talk show host, author and owner of Let’s Get Organized, has done more than her fair share of tidying up!  With a diverse roster of clients that include overwhelmed apartment dwellers to Hollywood mansion owners, Meryl has transformed the lives of influencers in Real Estate, Finance, Entertainment and Fashion.

A leader in her industry, Meryl’s success comes from teaching her clients to harness the power and freedom that comes with being more organized. Clients marvel at the time they gain when order is restored in their lives. She attributes her success to her keen intuition and ability to understand her clients’ individual needs.

These needs are often not limited to basic organization. Meryl can assist travelers with planning, packing and unpacking.  Seasonal closet changes are easily dispatched with Meryl’s assistance. She can also streamline the moving process when changing residences or moving among multiple residences.  As she did with her own children, Meryl can set the younger members of the family on a pattern of organizational success that they can use and modify as they grow.

The best-selling author of The Home Organizing Workbook  and its sequel, The Personal Organizing Workbook, has been featured in publications including InStyle, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping and Ladies Home Journal. Meryl’s skills have been discussed on over three dozen national radio and television shows.  She received her first Telly Award for her how-to webisode “Let’s Get Organized with Meryl Starr.”  This resulted in guest appearances on HGTV and Bravo Networks.

The native New Yorker works in all five boroughs and is available to travel in order to meet any and all of her clients’ needs.

Meryl rides in on her broom with infectious energy and enthusiasm, making daunting organizational tasks feel light and easy. She inspired me to get rid of more things than I expected. And she made it all fun!