Kick Kennedy Gets Organized

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When you live in a tiny apartment, it may sometimes feel like there is literally no room for storage and organization. So it doesn’t take long for those piles of paper, stacks of shoes and mountains of mayhem to outshine the true personality and style of your small space. Luckily, with a few tricks of the ‘organization’ trade, that daily-downer of clutter can be sidelined, hidden, placed into a smart forever home. Recently, I teamed up with ClosetMaid to help my friend, Kick Kennedy, do just that.

With two small reach-in closets as her main source of storage, Kick found herself buried beneath an overwhelming amount of mess – aimlessly stuffed into the two spaces. I knew exactly what to do.

First things first: Clean out the closets.

Second: I chose a system that suited Kick’s space. With simple to install DIY products, I decided that ClosetMaid’s SuiteSymphony™ was the perfect solution for Kick and her style/needs. I worked with ClosetMaid’s professional design team, and we came up with some smart space-saving designs that truly maximized every inch.

On to the fun part: Prioritize and organize!

Kick loves shoes and she has the collection to prove it. So in closet two, the design incorporated lots of space for her shoes.

She also needed lots of space for hanging items. So utilizing double hang space in closet two was a must. In closet one we allowed for long hang space, leaving room for seasonal coats.

Now, it’s easy for Kick to find everything she needs – no more mess, and no more stress. And you can have the same results! Truly employing every inch of space to work for you, not against you, your tiny spaces can sparkle and shine.

Conquer your clutter today!

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