Kitchen Organization for the Holiday

03-15-16 Meryl Starr Apt1118If your life is like most people’s, the kitchen is the busiest room in your home. Not only do your prepare and cook meals there but it can also be a natural gathering place for entertaining guests.

Before the holidays get underway this year you might want to take some time to De-Clutter and Organize the kitchen.It certainly will make holiday preparations easier, you will know what ingredients you have
and what you need to purchase.

Before you begin clear the counters ,empty the dishwasher, and give the kitchen a quick clean.

Ask yourself these questions….

Are your cabinets so overstuffed that you don’t know what you own?

When you are preparing a meal, do the appliances and other kitchen tools on your counter get in the way?

Do you find that the most frequently used items are not easily accessible?

Start going through the cabinets and drawers, scrutinize the contents of your cabinets and pull out items you no longer need.

Add shelving, if you cabinets are mounted sufficiently above your counter, you can install small shelves underneath them to hold cookbooks, small appliances, jars of spices and herbs, or other items you want to have handy.

If you can’t keep track of the food items that you have on hand and if sometimes food spoils. with some reorganization and occasional maintenance of your refrigerator, freezer and pantry, you’ll have what you need on hand, be able to find it and waste less food.

Arranging items by category
Containerize and label
Avoid Overstuffing

A fun easy project you might want to consider would be to
Organize your Spice Cabinet , see my book for more details.

Happy Holidays!


They are FINALLY here. Starting with the packaging and ending with the beautiful light. I love the way they feel in my hands their weight is as strong as they are, lasting up to 10 years!
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Create a Chic, Functional and Organized Home

No matter what size space you are living in, the most important thing is that it is clutter free, functional, and organized.

It’s important to feel comfortable and in control when at home.

Ultimately upon entering, it should feel welcoming, warm and safe.

A space without clutter feels light, abundant and happy.

Function creates a sense of comfort and ease.

Being Organized allows for security and power.

Are you ready to transform your home?

Here are a  few tips  to get you started…

  • Keep only what you love and
    find useful.
  • Add practical storage
  • Use Paint and color to add depth and contrast
  • Hang mirrors to give a feeling of being open and grand
  • All white furniture offers a clean clear feeling
  • Chairs on wheels give flexibility and mobility03-15-16 Meryl Starr Apt111803-15-16 Meryl Starr Apt1009